The Osterbrot: German Easter Bread Recipe is also known as Hefezopf. A sweet European bread made from eggs right in your kitchen.

In a liquid measuring cup, mix together your milk and yeast to make a yeast mixture.

Add to your bread pan everything in order of recipe or as per recommendation from the manufacturer: eggs, butter, sugar, salt, and flour.

Once the milk mixture of yeast and milk has sat for 5 minutes, evenly pour over your flour.

Set your bread machine to basic, and 2 lb. Choose your crust preference. My family prefers a medium crust. However, most recommend the light setting.

Once the bread machine has finished its first kneading cycle (and before it has started the second kneading cycle), add your raisins or currents.

When the cycle has completed, remove the pan from the machine and let cool for 5 minutes.

Our bread machine normally takes about 3 hours to complete the cycle. However, every bread machine is different and yours can take less time or take longer.

Remove bread from the pan and let cool on a wire rack. Remove the dough hook or wait until the bread has cooled completely.

Cut and enjoy! I purchased a bread slicer on Amazon so I could get the perfect slice every time.

End the day with Blackberry Jam and butter Hefezopf Bread Machine German Easter Bread Recipe


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