National Chicken Wing Day Facts

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Happy National Chicken Wing Day. From barbecue to garlic parmesan to hot and spicy, it’s no wonder why this snack has become so popular all across the nation.

National Chicken Wing Day History and Origin

Ahhh… chicken wings! Who doesn’t love them? July 29th is National Chicken Wing Day and we are here to share some fun facts.

Growing up in Buffalo, NY, I think I know a little about chicken wings. Considering the fact that I owned a pizzeria from 1982 on. 😉

My boys would always come home with an order of chicken wings for my husband and try to make them as hot as possible.

National Chicken Wing Day Facts

He would try them and say “nope”, still not hot. lol

And then one day, they outdid themselves. My husband actually had tears running down his face because they were so hot.

So whether you like them super duper fiery hot, or buttered as I do, there are many choices in between.

Even though we don’t live in Buffalo anymore, we love to visit the National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival when we are there.

National Chicken Wing Day Facts

Fun Facts About Wings

From barbecue to garlic parmesan to hot and spicy, it’s no wonder why this snack has become so popular all across the nation.

We have National Chicken Wing Day dedicated solely to celebrating our favorite food but do we know its history and how it became such an understood tradition?

National Chicken Wing Day Facts

Not many realize what catapulted us into gathering year after year for a day of wing-eating fun, but that’s exactly what we are here today to explore.

Let’s take a closer look at where National Chicken Wing Day originated from!

Chicken Wings Origin

Believe it or not, chicken wings weren’t always a popular dish.

It’s said that chicken wings were considered the throwaway part of the chicken that no one really wanted, so they were either discarded or used in soups or stocks.

However, in the 1964 creation of the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, a new era dawned.

chicken wings on blackstone griddle

Teressa Bellissimo, co-owner of the bar, decided to fry up some wings that they had in their stock and serve them up as a snack to her son and his friends.

The chicken wings were such a hit that they became a regular menu item, and soon they were being served up in other bars across the area.

National Chicken Wing Day

It wasn’t until the late 1970s that chicken wings began to gain popularity in the rest of the country.

Buffalo wings, as they came to be called, were served up as appetizers in various restaurants and became synonymous with sports bars and game nights.

chicken wing sauce

Despite their popularity, it still took a while for the rest of the country to catch on, and it wasn’t until the 1990s that chicken wings truly took off in the United States.

In 1977, the city of Buffalo declared July 29th as “Chicken Wing Day” in recognition of the growing popularity of the dish.

From there, it spread across the country and became a national celebration, with many people gathering to enjoy their favorite wing flavors.

Different restaurants and bars often offer discounts or deals to celebrate the day, and people love to try new wing flavors that they have never tried before.

National Chicken Wing Day has become a cultural phenomenon, with people enjoying this snack all day long, from lunchtime to dinner time.

National Chicken Wing Day Facts


The history and origins of National Chicken Wing Day might surprise many of us, but it’s fascinating to know how something so ordinary not too long ago has become a nationwide phenomenon.

Today, there are even professional chicken wing eating contests and competitions, showcasing how much America loves this snack.

So, whether you like them hot, sweet, or mild, grab a plate of chicken wings and celebrate National Chicken Wing Day.

Nothing can beat this beloved classic!

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National Chicken Wing Day Facts

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