24 Morning Tea Recipes to Replace Your Usual Coffee

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Tea is a beverage enjoyed by millions around the world every day for its robust flavors. If you’re looking for a coffee alternative—whether for health reasons, to cut down on caffeine, or simply for a change of pace—tea is an excellent choice. Although it typically contains less caffeine, tea can still enhance energy levels and contribute to overall health.

And if you have an herbal garden, creating tea from scratch using fresh herbs from your own garden is a delightful experience. It allows you to appreciate the nuances of each herb and enjoy freshly brewed teas with exceptional flavor.

With a variety of herbs to choose from, you can experiment with numerous herbal tea recipes to suit any palate. Here are 24 herbal tea recipes featuring ingredients like garlic, mint, and rosemary that you can start making today.

Honey Ginger Tea

ginger tea with honey, lemon and cup
Image Credit: Homestead How-To

Fresh honey ginger tea is made from a combination of the natural sweetness of honey and the warming spice of ginger.

Get the Recipe: Fresh Honey Ginger Tea Recipe

Fresh Mint Tea

mint tea with leaves
Image Credit: Homestead How-To

With its incredible aroma, refreshing taste, and simple ingredients, this mint tea is wonderful and delightful, especially when freshly brewed.

Get the Recipe: How to Make Fresh Mint Tea

Rosemary Tea

cup of tea with rosemary
Image Credit: Homestead How-To

This tea is also known for boosting digestive health. Its early taste will delight your senses whether consumed in the morning, noon, or night.

Get the Recipe: How to Make Fresh Rosemary Tea

Bay Leaf Tea

Bay leaf tea
Image Credit: Homestead How-To

Sipping on a hot cup of bay leaf tea feels like a cozy hug with a bit of spice. Enjoy this tea on a cold winter day.

Get the Recipe: How to Make Bay Leaf Tea

Fresh Lemongrass Tea Recipe

lemongrass tea
Image Credit: Homestead How-To

A comforting cup of lemongrass tea aids in relaxing both body and mind – and you can’t help but love it. With its refreshing citrusy taste, this lemongrass tea is a must-try.

Get the Recipe: Fresh Lemongrass Tea Recipe

Dandelion Tea

dandelion tea 2
Image Credit: Homestead How-To

Dandelion flower tea has a subtly sweet and floral flavor, making it a delightful herbal beverage. It’s the perfect tea to incorporate into your daily routine.

Get the Recipe: How to Make Dandelion Tea

Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon Balm Tea by The View From Great Island
Image credit: Sue Moran / The View From Great Island

A soothing caffeine free lemon balm tea is perfect for sipping as you unwind. Blend this drink with simple, wholesome ingredients for a digestive drink that supports a great night of sleep.

Get the Recipe: Lemon Balm Tea

Maple Hibiscus Iced Tea

Maple Hibiscus Iced Tea by Sugar Spice and Glitter
Image credit: Jennifer / Sugar Spice and Glitter

This floral tea is sweetened with maple syrup instead of sugar for a sippable drink that is vibrant and healthier. You can save your time and cash and opt for this over Starbucks drinks!

Get the Recipe: Maple Hibiscus Iced Tea

Greek Mountain Tea

Greek Mountain Tea by The Greek Foodie
Image credit: Jenny Skrapaliori-Graves / The Greek Foodie

Make this herbal tea in the winter as it is good for your immune system, aids digestion, and has antimicrobial properties to help you stay healthy. It is also caffeine-free and totally tasty, so you will want to make it often.

Get the Recipe: Greek Mountain Tea

Japanese Royal Milk Tea

Lavender Chamomile Tea by Sprig and Spoon
Image credit: Asha / Coriander and Lace

This full-bodied, creamy tea has the most lovely floral aroma. Serve it warm on a cold winter day or over ice in the summer. You will appreciate how easily this delicious herbal tea comes together.

Get the Recipe: Japanese Royal Milk Tea

Homemade Garlic Tea

boiling garlic tea in pot
Image Credit: Homestead How-To

This delightful garlic tea is packed with so many benefits. From aiding with coughs and colds, it’s the perfect tea to drink during the winter months when you need a simple boost in your immune system.

Get the Recipe: Homemade Garlic Tea

Mint and Lemon Linden Iced Tea

Cherry Hibiscus Sun Tea by Mama Likes to Cook
Image credit: Sustain My Cooking Habit

If you have a linden tree, then save this recipe for your bounty of harvested leaves. It adds mint and lemon for the most refreshing, cool flavor. It is perfect for a warm summer day!

Get the Recipe: Mint and Lemon Linden Iced Tea

Sparkling Hibiscus Tea

Mint and Lemon Linden Iced Tea by Sustain My Cooking Habit
Image credit: Anne Danahy / Craving Something Healthy

Make this sparkling tea to naturally lower your blood pressure while enjoying something colorful and delicious. This recipe is even better than a popular coffee shop option, and is really easy to make.

Get the Recipe: Sparkling Hibiscus Tea

Rose Hip Tea

Sparkling Hibiscus Tea by Craving Something Healthy
Image credit: Wendy Faulkner / Cinnamon and Kale

This wild fruit tea is easy to make and has a gorgeous flavor. You will appreciate that this recipe is high in vitamin c the rose hips naturally include.

Get the Recipe: Rose Hip Tea

Lavender Chamomile Tea

Rose Hip Tea by Cinnamon and Kale
Image credit: Tessa / Sprig and Spoon

This light and floral herbal tea is both relaxing and calming. Make it before bed to send yourself off to sweet dreaming, or treat yourself to a cup on a super stressful day.

Get the Recipe: Lavender Chamomile Tea

Berry Sangria Iced Tea

Berry Sangria Iced Tea
Image credit: Meghan / Fox and Briar

This recipe is a perfect copycat for the popular Starbucks option. You can save a bundle by making this at home. Serve it by the pitcher at a party for the ultimate mocktail.

Get the Recipe: Berry Sangria Iced Tea

Russian Herbal Tea

Russian Herbal Tea
Image credit: Inger / The Art of Natural Living

Make this restorative cold-weather beverage with herbs, spices, and citrus for a sippable drink that warms your hands. Share with a friend to warm your heart as well.

Get the Recipe: Russian Herbal Tea

Lemonade Ginger Tea

Japanese Royal Milk Tea by Coriander and Lace
Image credit: Zhen / Greedy Girl Gourmet

Consider this lemonade ginger tea if you want a fragrant, caffeine-free tea to make at home. You can enjoy it warm or chilled; it works wonderfully as is or can be dressed up with mint, flowers, or herbs.

Get the Recipe: Lemonade Ginger Tea

Cha Yen

Holy Basil Tea by Masala Herb
Image credit: Adam Sobel / Cinnamon Snail

This thai style iced tea is bursting with icy cold, juicy orange flavors. It is just the thing to sip to beat the summer heat! 

Get the Recipe: Cha Yen

Authentic Masala Chai

Lemonade Ginger Tea by Greedy Girl Gourmet
Image credit: Sonia / Love Incredible Recipes

If you are craving a pick-me-up drink, look no further than this Masala Chai. It is spicy, cozy, and offers a little caffeine kick. You can, of course, use decaf masala chai as well.

Get the Recipe: Authentic Masala Chai

Sun Tea by Season and Thyme

Authentic Masala Chai by Love From the Oven
Image credit: Sarah Baumeister / Season and Thyme

Make a batch of sun tea, and get all of the important info about the safety of sun tea, as well as the safe way to make it with this easy and delicious summer style recipe.

Get the Recipe: Sun Tea

Soothing Mint Chamomile Tea

Cha Yen by Cinnamon Snail
Image credit: Michele Peterson / A Taste for Travel

This iced chamomile tea has a perfect minty kiss. Enjoying a summer beverage as you unwind on the deck is soothing and refreshing. Garnish with lemon for added flavor.

Get the Recipe: Soothing Mint Chamomile Tea

Herbal Iced Tea

The Best Herbal Iced Tea by Food Doodles
Image credit: Erin / Food Doodles

Blend your favorite herbal and fruit tea to make a batch of this colorful and delicious tea. It is just the thing to keep in the fridge for instant refreshment on a hot day.

Get the Recipe: The Best Herbal Iced Tea

Cherry Hibiscus Sun Tea by Mama Likes to Cook

Lemon Balm and Lavender Herbal Tea by Experimental Homesteader
Image credit: Valerie Mitchell / Mama Likes to Cook

This sun tea starts with cherries and hibiscus tea bags to make a colorful and vibrant drink. Serve over ice and enjoy as you sit on the porch on a summer day.

Get the Recipe: Cherry Hibiscus Sun Tea

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