20 Popsicle Recipes

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Looking for a delicious way to welcome summer and beat the heat? Try these popsicle recipes! Perfect for those hot days or whenever you crave something cool, these frozen treats are sweet and colorful and a joy to make and eat.

Here are 20 simple popsicle recipes that are sure to be a hit with your family.

1. Strawberry Mango Popsicles

Easy 2-Ingredient Strawberry Mango Popsicles (No-Sugar Added)
Image Credit: Strength and Sunshine

Don’t let summer escape without enjoying all its perfectly sweet and natural fruit! These Easy 2-ingredient Strawberry Mango Popsicles are made with the real fruit you love, no added sugar, and are gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and allergy-free! They’re a great healthy snack or dessert for the kids to enjoy (or yourself!).

Get This Recipe: Strawberry Mango Popsicles

2. Creamy Homemade Mango Popsicles

creamy homemade mango popsicles
Image Credit: The Oregon Dietitian

My super simple, 4-ingredient creamy Mango Popsicles are the perfect way to cool down when the weather gets hot. This healthy mango popsicle recipe is great for kids and toddlers, but make sure to save some for yourself—adults love them too!

Get This Recipe: Creamy Homemade Mango Popsicles

3. Vegan Banana Peanut Butter Fudgsicles

The Elvis Popsicle – Vegan Banana Peanut Butter Fudgsicles
Image Credit: Healthy Slow Cooking

We all know that pureed banana makes an excellent, creamy ice cream. I decided to use this superpower to make an extra creamy popsicle. The only hard part is waiting until they freeze before you eat them!

Get This Recipe: Vegan Banana Peanut Butter Fudgsicles

4. Keto Blueberry Kefir Creamsicles

keto blueberry kefir creamsicles
Image Credit: Raia’s Recipes

Easy and packed with probiotics, these keto blueberry kefir creamsicles are the perfect healthy treat for kids and adults! With only a few simple ingredients, they’re great for primal and traditional diets and GAPS-friendly, too!

Get This Recipe: Keto Blueberry Kefir Creamsicles

5. Mango Popsicle

Mango Popsicle (2)
Image Credit: Chenee Today

These mango popsicles are so easy to make! They’re naturally sweetened and so delicious!

Get This Recipe: Mango Popsicle

6. Cherry Popsicle

Cherry Popsicle
Image Credit: My Pure Plants

These vibrant purple cherry popsicles burst with juicy sweetness and a touch of tartness since cherries are blended with a lime lemonade. They are delightful frozen treats that bring you joy on a hot summer’s day.

Get This Recipe: Cherry Popsicle

7. Mango Popsicle (Easy and Flavorful)

Mango Popsicles
Image Credit: My Pure Plants

Looking for the perfect summer treat? These mango popsicles are made using ripe mangoes, creamy coconut milk, and a touch of maple syrup. They are delicious, refreshing, and a healthier way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Get This Recipe: Mango Popsicle (Easy and Flavorful)

8. Banana Pudding Popsicle

Banana Pudding Popsicles
Image Credit: Crayons and Cravings

Looking for a fruity, ice-cold dessert to enjoy this summer? You are going to love these yummy banana popsicles! They are delicious and simple to make with only 3 ingredients: banana pudding, vanilla wafers, and frozen bananas.

Get This Recipe: Banana Pudding Popsicle

9. Frozen Banana Pops with Yogurt

Frozen Banana Pops With Yogurt
Image Credit: Healthy Kids Recipes

These frozen banana pops with yogurt make for a refreshing treat and can be easily customized with so many fun toppings!

Get This Recipe: Frozen Banana Pops with Yogurt

10. Healthy Mango Popsicle for Toddlers and Kids

Healthy Mango Popsicle Recipe for Toddlers and Kids
Image Credit: Healthy Kids Recipes

Healthy and delicious popsicles made with coconut milk and mango for a refreshing summer treat.

Get This Recipe: Healthy Mango Popsicle for Toddlers and Kids

11. Homemade Lemon Popsicle

Easy 3 Ingredient Lemon Popsicles
Image Credit: Fax Farm Home

These homemade lemon popsicles are sunshine in a popsicle and make a delightful frozen treat for the whole family! They are easy to make and only require 3 simple ingredients. You can put them together quickly for a refreshing summer dessert!

Get This Recipe: Homemade Lemon Popsicle

12. Strawberry Popsicle

Strawberry Popsicle
Image Credit: Combine Good Flavors

Easy three-ingredient popsicle recipe made with the ice cream maker. No dairy!

Get This Recipe: Strawberry Popsicle

13. Homemade Fruit Popsicles

Lemonade and Fruit Popsicle
Image Credit: The Forked Spoon

These fruit popsicles are fun, flavorful, and incredibly easy to make! Using your favorite homemade or store-bought lemonade and fresh fruit, these kid-approved treats are the perfect healthy refreshment for a hot summer day!

Get This Recipe: Homemade Fruit Popsicles

14. Creamy Banana Popsicles

Easy Creamy Banana Popsicles
Image Credit: Homan at Home

Creamy banana popsicles are a no-guilt way to enjoy a sweet treat this summer! Greek yogurt not only makes these super creamy, it also packs them with protein.

Get This Recipe: Creamy Banana Popsicles

15. Watermelon & Yogurt Popsicles

Watermelon and Yogurt Popsicle
Image Credit: The Foodolic

This fun and easy Watermelon & Yogurt Popsicles are crunchy and salty on the first bite and juicy and sweet on the second! Perfect snack for the side of the pool or a great way to finish up a BBQ feast! Plus, there is no melting like ordinary popsicles, so the little ones won’t mess up the floor.

Get This Recipe: Watermelon & Yogurt Popsicles

16. Tropical Popsicles (Coconut Mango Passion Fruit)

Tropical Popsicles (Coconut Mango Passion Fruit)
Image Credit: Addicted to Dates

Delicious and refreshing vegan coconut mango passion fruit popsicles. These tropical ice lollies are easy to make and use minimal ingredients. They are also gluten-free and refined sugar-free, perfect for cooling down this summer!

Get This Recipe: Tropical Popsicles (Coconut Mango Passion Fruit)

17. Blue Lagoon Popsicles

Blue Lagoon Popsicles
Image Credit: Pam’s Daily Dish

Blue Lagoon Popsicles are refreshing and delicious, especially in the warm weather months. You can make a cocktail popsicle or an adult popsicle. Both recipes have only three ingredients. Look at the color! They come out looking really beautiful, too.

Get This Recipe: Blue Lagoon Popsicles

18. Pineapple Ice Lolly

Pineapple Ice Lolly
Image Credit: Hungry Healthy Happy

A Pineapple Ice Pop is the perfect refreshing summer treat that never fails to cool me down on a hot day. The refreshing and tropical taste of pineapple combined with coconut milk and then frozen in lolly molds. So quick and simple to make with just 2 ingredients and a summer staple!

Get This Recipe: Pineapple Ice Lolly

19. Banana Popsicles

Healthy Banana Popsicles
Image Credit: Plant Based on Budget

These easy banana popsicles are creamy, sweet, and refreshing. They’re made with just two base ingredients (and several flavor variations), making them a healthy summer treat!

Get This Recipe: Banana Popsicles

20. Mango Popsicles

Mango Popsicle
Image Credit: Healthy Foodie Girl

3-ingredient mango popsicles made with hydrating coconut water, frozen mango, and a splash of lime.

Get This Recipe: Mango Popsicles

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